Last week, Raiza Botini, responsible for Calaf Grup’s Q-PRL-MA Area, received a phone call from the Health and Safety Coordinator of the Unió Santcugatenca building site.

The rehabilitation works are executed by Calaf Constructora and the reason for the call was to congratulate the responsible team including Santiago López, Jordi Garriga, Xavier Domínguez, Raúl Ruiz and Laura Curià who are managing the safety and health area in an excellent manner.

Another reason for the call was to transmit to the team the satisfaction with the work they are doing and to encourage them to continue like this.

On behalf of Calaf Constructora and Calaf Grup, we also want to congratulate this team! It’s those little details to people that make the Company great!

Thank you very much and carry on like this!