Calaf Constructora has already begun the improvement works at Park Güell. This work plans to act in different areas of the interior of the Park Güell, among them the banks of the Nature Square, the roof of the Hypostyle Hall, access to the Cistern, the Font de la Sarva and the Lower Viaduct.
The performances to be executed are:

Banks of the Nature Square: Restoration of the exterior faces of the banks, through the installation of auxiliary means, replacement of ceramic and glass pieces of the trencadís, restoration of ceramic pieces of the trencadís by means of recovery of lost volumes with mortars of lime and chromatic reintegration with silicate paints, partial replacement of the trencadís rebuilding material with lime mortars and natural aggregates.

Hopostyle Room Ceiling: Restoration of the domed and nervous surfaces between columns of the ceiling of the hypostyle hall, through the installation of auxiliary means, removal of oxidized metallic elements that cause pathologies to the trencadís, replace ceramic pieces of the Fracture cracks, partial replacement of the trencadís rebuilding material with lime mortars and natural aggregates.

Access to the Cistern: Replacement of access to the interior of the rainwater accumulation deposit existing under the Plaza de la Naturaleza and the Hypostyle Hall, by extraction of the lid and the existing metal ladder section , and provision and placement of new trap and new metal ladder section for better maintenance access.

Font de la Sarva: Performance of the area of ​​the Sardinian fountain consisting of recovering this space, which is currently covered, to make it visible to visitors to the park, and accessible for guided visits; by means of the demolition of the slab that covers the original ladder, the placement of a new grille of smelting, and lighting installations inside the space of the fountain to make it visible and visitable.

Baixo Viaduct: Acting on the railings of natural stone of the viaduct below, the inner section of the viaduct and the outer section of it, both in the straight section and in the sections curved between planters that generate “festers” banks, to enrich The rails face horizontal thrusts, by means of structural reinforcement with metallic profile of stainless steel, and recovery of the lost volumes to return the rails to their original volumetric.