Calaf Constructora was founded in 1964 in Calaf (Barcelona). It’s a family owned business with more than fifty years of experience and six generations related to the construction sector.

The Company is highly engaged with the territory and its community, strongly committed to the environment and the quality of its services, and heavily compromised with the technology in all its projects.


To offer our engineering and construction services to all our clients, always working with the highest standards of execution and quality in order to achieve excellence at work, always acting as a socially responsible company.


Position ourselves as a benchmark construction company in the public and private sectors. To offer the best technical solution to our clients in all the engineering and construction projects that we carry out, always through highly qualified professionals, using at all times the most modern technology for the design, follow-up and control, which allows us to optimize all construction costs.


The values that define us as a company are: engagement with the community and the environment; technological commitment, both at the project level through BIM technology as well as at the level of construction; rigor; ingenuity; inventiveness; conflict resolution ability; effort and flexibility.



Portfolio by business area

  • Construction 71% 71%
  • Rehabilitation 6% 6%
  • Industrial 4% 4%
  • Civil works 19% 19%



Production workforce


Administrative workforce


Technical workforce

Contracting evolution


The headquarters are located in Calaf with a surface of 4.600 m².
More than 50 professionals work in these premises, basement for the following departments: Bidding, Sales, Technical Office, Quality, Risk Prevention, I+D+i, Administration, Marketing, Legal department, Human Resources and IT.
In order to improve the relationship with our clients, on June 2011 Calaf Grup opened a new office in Sant Just Desvern, in the outskirts of Barcelona.

Technical warranty

Technological development and technical specialization are strategic factors in adding value to Calaf Constructora. For this reason, the company has the necessary technical and professional resources to respond to any construction challenge.

The Bidding and I+D+i departments, as well as the Technical Office have more than 30 professionals who are responsible for the study, resolution and execution of projects that meet the highest quality standards.

Since its very early days, Calaf Constructora has been committed with Technology. An example of this is our strong believe in the BIM methodology used in many of our projects.

The Company signed a partnership agreement with ITeC (Institut de Tecnología de la Construcció) and actively takes part on the European BIM Summit.

Awards and recognitions

Best Infrastructure

of 2016

In 2017, the works to extend the railway line so called “Metro del Vallès”, in which Calaf Constructora participated, received the Award for the Best Infrastructure of 2016.

Good Work Award (“Placa al Treball

President Macià 2012“)

In 2012 the Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalan Government) awarded Calaf Constructora with the Plaque President Macià 2012. This award is a recognition to the employees and the company for their merits and for their contribution to the promotion of Catalan economy.

Best job in Risk Prevention

In 2015 Calaf Constructora received the award that recognized the best job done in Occupational Risk Prevention, awarded by the UEA (Anoia Business Union).

XXVI Guillem Catà Award for Industrial Engineers

in Central Catalonia

The company was also awarded in 2005 with the XXVI Guillem Catà Award for Engineers in Central Catalonia for its evolution in the design, manufacture and improvement of trenching machines.

Award in recognition of the Integration of Preventive Systems

In 2014, the company was recognized by the Official Contracting Chamber of Catalonia as winner of the award in recognition of the Integration Task of Preventive Systems in companies, for the implementation of an efficient risk prevention system.


Calaf Constructora is actively committed to promoting the BIM methodology to all the projects executed by the company.

In our Bidding department, Technical Office and amongst our Construction teams we have professionals trained in this methodology.

The use of the BIM methodology helps us to centralize all the information related to the project in a single information model created collaboratively by all the agents involved from the development phase to execution. In addition, the Human Resources department organizes internal and external training for the entire workforce in this methodology.

All our construction teams have been trained at ITeC by professionals who are experts in Last Planner System. We apply the LEAN methodology in all construction projects, which allows us to detect any possible issues and to act immediately to guarantee an outstanding production and quality for our clients.

Calaf Constructora organizes BIM and Lean Methodology ongoing training for the entire workforce to guarantee its best implementation in all projects.


Calaf Constructora counts on people as a basis for its evolution. For this reason, the company invests in hiring professionals with broad technical qualifications and experience.

Joan Pujol

General Manager

Borja Ruano

Production Director

Joan Grandes

Services Director

Jordi Miró

Chief Financial Officer

Quim Sellés

Human Resources Director

Cèsar Sardans

Contracting Director

Àngela Arce

Industrial Contracting Manager

Jordi Fíguls

Water Works Contracting Manager

Francesc Hornos

Building Bidding Manager

Osvaldo Magan

Civil Works Bidding Manager

Ton Orga

Chief Information Officer

Raiza Botini

Risk Prevention, Quality and Environment Manager

Gemma Martínez

Legal Manager

Jordi Comí

Purchading Manager